Ashland Rotary Foundation

Board of Directors: Joan McBee, David Kanner, Lisa Dunagan, James Kolker, Susan Hearn, Neil Governor, and Board President: Dann Hauser

Not pictured: Alan Harper and Lisa Molnar.


The Ashland Rotary Foundation (ARF) is an organization whose members

are also members of the Rotary Club of Ashland.


The Foundation makes an annually selected number of both Ashland High School and

Southern Oregon University student scholarships.

In 2022, 18 scholarships in the amount of $72,000 were awarded.

Since 1983, scholarships in the amount of

$904,700 have been awarded to 344 local students.


Ongoing community service projects supported by the club are included in the ARF annual budget. 

There are typically funds available for community service projects that are unallocated to any ongoing community service project.  The amount of those funds varies annually depending on the Rotary club’s sergeant-at-arms donations each year.


Thanks to the vision of its founders, today the Ashland Rotary Foundation has a long history of giving.

It’s not hard to believe this tradition will continue and only grow and serve more of the club and community needs.

Join us in our work: contributions to ARF from the public are tax deductible,

always welcome and encouraged! 


Contact our club:


Rotary Club of Ashland

P.O. Box 5110

Ashland, OR 97520


Club Secretary:  Pam Norton at 541-708-6280