The Rotary Club of Ashland brings together emerging and established leaders in service and fellowship, to exchange ideas and take action for the wellbeing of our local and global community.


Our thriving Rotary Club of Ashland will be known for its vibrant and inclusive membership, recognized for its successful, well-supported service projects, and valued for the impact of its local and global work.


As Rotarians, Service Above Self is our guiding value and we are committed to the principles of the Four Way Test: truthfulness, fairness, goodwill and beneficial outcomes for all concerned. The following additional values guide our Club in making decisions and working together:

Friendship              We believe that enduring relationships, both social and in service, bring our members closer together and strengthen our commitment to Rotary.

Inclusion              We believe that a diversity of people, ideas and cultures in our club enriches our relationships and improves our capacity to do good in the world.

Generosity              We believe that generosity, whether of spirit, time or resources, creates the synergy that we need to be of service to our local and worldwide community.

Collaboration              We believe that collaboration leads to an expansion of ideas resulting in enhanced understanding and successful, sustainable action.



  1. Service: Every member will serve the club, the community and the international programs of Rotary.
  2. Membership: We will create a vibrant, friendly and increasingly diverse club of 120-130 engaged members where all feel valued and productive.
  3. Friendship: Our club will be a place where members welcome and recognize each other, and create deep personal relationships.
  4. Communications/Public Image: Maximize the awareness of our vibrant club in the local community by promoting internally and externally dynamic service activities and opportunities for leadership and friendship.
  5. Fundraising: We will fund our important service activities by relying on the generosity of our members and by creating exciting giving opportunities to non-Rotarians.
  6. New Generations: Our club will increase its strong support for programs that help our youth to become leaders and engage with the world.
  7. Organizational Effectiveness: Our club will enhance the effectiveness and continuity of our projects and the transparency of our activities by continually improving the process of documenting our policies and procedures in all areas.