The Rotary Garden


Ashland Rotary Garden Mid-Season Report - August 27, 2016

 It was a bountiful harvest in the Ashland Rotary Garden on Saturday, August 27. Ashland Rotarians picked over 500 pounds of fresh produce in just 2 hours time, from 9:00-ll:00 am. It is halfway through the growing season and already over 3,500 pounds have been picked. Co-chairs Mark Jaffe and Juli Di Chiro forecast that 4,000+ pounds will be delivered to the Ashland Food Bank by the end of the season. Mark’s truckbed was totally overfilled as he headed to cold storage with our contribution to the food stores.

 Ned Schaaf, our retired Rotarian whose farm is the home of our garden, walked in the field smiling and greeting all as he checked in with us. The use of plastic groundcover has helped increase the yield from a total of 2,000 pounds in 2015 to the larger amount expected in 2016.

 Thanks Ashland Rotary gardeners for continuing the tradition of this outstanding community service project that benefits so many.