"Being an exchange student has changed my life. I’m feeling different, more grown up, more international, more independent, more social and more open to the world."

Caroline Colard, Belgium      





What are the programs?

Long-Term Exchange is for a school year (typically plus a couple of weeks either side of the term). The student is hosted and supervised by a Rotary Club, stays with at least 2 families, and must go to school while abroad. For ages 15 to 18 1⁄2.

Short-Term exchange is a home-to-home program. Typically, the US student goes abroad for July, and the partner student comes to your home in August. For ages 15-19.

For additional information go to Rotary International - Rotary.org

Who is eligible?

Students must have good grades, demonstrate good citizenship and be going on exchange for the right reasons and with the right expectations. They must be endorsed by their parents and their local Rotary Club, and they must complete the Rotary Youth Exchange training for their experience.

What countries are available?

For Long-Term, our current countries are Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Thailand. These will occasionally change. We ask the students for their preferences, and match whereever possible, but we make the final assignments based on our experience and knowledge of cultures and situations.

For Short-Term Exchange, more than 80 countries are certified for the Rotary program. The country selections are based on the studentʼs request and availability.

What is the cost?

For 2017-18 Long-Term Exchange, the fee is $6,200, with a possible surcharge of up to $200 if airfares exceed our budget. The fee covers the round-trip airfare, visa costs, insurance, an official blazer and shirt, a badge, business cards, and training. Students should plan on personal expenses throughout the year of at least $100 per month, but every student and every country is different. Most countries offer optional trips that are outside the basic fee, and usually range from $1,500 to $2,500.

For Short-Term Exchange, there is a Matching Fee of $250 to cover paperwork, coordination, materials and training. The families are directly responsible for the airfare and other costs. There is no monthly allowance.

How do I apply?

For Long-Term exchange, please contact your local Rotary Club by Oct. 31 each year for the following school year. You may access the application directly at http://yehub.net/W11-obapp.

The Short-Term application deadline is Dec. 31 and made to the local Rotary Club for travel during the following summer.

For more information, contact the Exchange Committee Chair (Greg Williams 2018-19) at greg.williams744@gmail.com or contact Dan Converse, Chair Rotary Youth Exchange 541-218-2536 (cell) or 5110ryechairdan@gmail.com.

 What is the schedule for 2018-19 Ashland Rotary Club and District 5110?  Club Exchange Coordinator will hold an informational meeting during an evening of the 2ndor 3rdweek of September at Ashland High (time and location to be confirmed – contact the AHS counseling office for specific date and time).  Initial applications by students interested in Long and Short term exchanges are to be completed on-line by October 1, 2018.  Interviews of students will be conducted during October to identify candidates for Long and Short Term exchange programs.  Candidates for long-term exchanges (out-bound students) are due to District 5110 by October 31, 2018.  Full applications to the District are completed by November 30 and interviews at the District level are conducted December 8-9, 2018 (RCC – Grants Pass, Oregon).  January 11-13, 2019 is country assignment weekend for selected candidates.  Long Term program out-bound student trainings happen throughout the rest of the year (March 8-10 in Newport, April 13-14 in Roseburg, and June 1 – location tbd).

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